What is Ashram


The KarmYog Ashram provides facilities and culture for a community of families and individuals to live and work together. Unity and togetherness are two of the most basic needs for the survival of any team. The source of unity in human society is the family - which is the most fundamental collection of individuals in any community under which a typical urban family lives, we have to struggle to find either unity or togetherness. At KarmYog Ashram, our intention is to restore the social order to where it was supposed to be. Our aim is to develop a community of families and individuals who live together, work together and grow up together .. united being the shared mission of serving humanity.

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The primary objective of our professional life seems to be aimed at earning money to sustain our family... Yet, for most of us, it is the family that has to pay the biggest price to help us sustain our work-life... Every work-day we spend the most creative and wakeful hours of the day away from our families, pushing ourselves to earn more money so that we can keep each other in good humour!

Was this really how it was supposed to be? i thought we were supposed to find the work that would embody the very purpose of our lives. And then in order to increase the chances of succeeding in that mission, we needed to go beyond our individual limitations. For that, we needed to work in teams. And the family was the most fundamental team, which lived, worked and grew up together. Groups of families then came together to form a larger team... with more capacities... s o that they could achieve more... Wasn't that how it was supposed to be?

Somewhere down the line, we humans have made a mess of this neat social order. We have created work-places where our family members are debarred entry, so that we can team up with people who have been similarly ripped apart from their own families!